Made in Italy

All over the world people talk about Italian excellence and the value of Made in Italy women’s clothing, about Italy as the country of creativity, quality and “savoir-vivre”, and Giomila wants to use its garments to promote Made in Italy femininity worldwide. From our perspective, Made in Italy Women’s Clothing is above all the pursuit of quality in fabrics, products and mainly in the design of each garment that characterizes us. Our art of Italian savoir-vivre reflects on each garment the unique hallmark of the passion and dedication that our designers put into the design of each item, for a cutting-edge Made in Italy women’s clothing.

The certification of Made in Italy takes place through a series of very accurate controls: the only way for quality to be certified and guaranteed over time, which we consider one of our greatest values. The controls of the whole production cycle lead to the check of the item itself, as well as its whole production in Italy, in order to be a Made in Italy clothing product. The Made in Italy clothing certification is the only one that guarantees the authenticity of our products.

Each certified product can obtain many advantages among which: Our products are certified in all its steps. Quality, Style, Image, Reputation, Prestige for a Made in Italy clothing confirmed in each of these characteristics.

Certify that our production is entirely Made in Italy. We are recognised all over the world for the high quality guaranteed by the protection mark.

“100% Made in Italy” clothing represents for us the quality of production, creativity and the style well-known all over the world and appreciated for its elegance, chosen for its lines, desired for its beauty and originality.