Giomila celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the female body through a Made in Italy capsule/collection of pure sustainable luxury. Simple lines of design, colours that reflect the strength of nature expressed in all its most beautiful colours.

Lengths and styles that vary depending on the occasion. The design and a number of endless tests ensure our garments to portray the woman in all daily situations. The Giomila collection has been created for countless occasions: from the awakenings to the moment of taking a walk, from yoga to the active world, including all the evening luxury of many occasions.

Giomila is absolutely comfortable when you wake up, such as a delicate breakfast, thanks to the softness of our garments that wrap your body. Calm your mind with meditation, sound baths and breath, as to dedicate your mornings to your soul and body. Our garments will be your partners in this pleasant awakening.

Giomila is also an active collection thanks to its fabrics that have been extremely tested on levels of comfort and quality and they are peerless in dealing with all situations in which the body is put to the test by the fatigue of physical exercises. Giomila is luxury between happy hour and nights out, thanks to the elegance of velvet but also to the sharp lines that wrap the body of every woman in a refined femininity.

“Be yourself be Giomila”